Take Action! Things You Can Do

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  • The Talk – tips for having “The Talk” with your Mom and Dad.
  • Neighbor to Neighbor – sign up to make phone calls and talk with voters in a crucial battleground state about Barack/Biden.
  • Meet-ups happen in every area – lists phone banking, fundraisers, Nevada road trips, voter registration
  • Voter registration: – lists all the states and their voting deadlines. And you can register to vote on this site.
  • Or, register to vote here:
  • Another voter registration site that sells Obama T shirts to support their ‘register the youth vote’ drive
  • PBS has an online poll – that asks “Is Sarah Palin qualified to be Vice President?” Please vote! It takes a quick second.
  • “Hillary sent me” – Hillary Clinton launches a new grass-roots organizing program with the goal of helping elect one-time rival Barack Obama.
  • Phone banking from home
  • Organizing Tools – My.BarackObama is an organizing tool that empowers you to take this campaign into your own hands. Connect with other supporters in your area and find out about local events, or create your own organizing group and schedule your own event.
  • Spread the Word – Introduce your friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers to Barack Obama. Let them know why you support Barack and encourage them to join our movement for change.
  • National Call Team – More than 2,000,000 phone calls have been made by volunteers using the online calling tool. Sign up for our National Call Team and you can reach out to supporters all over the country from your home.
  • Posters, Flyers, and Organizing Resources – Print your own posters, flyers, fact sheets, supporter cards, and dozens of other resources from our online resource library.
  • Communities – Students for Obama, Veterans for Obama, Women for Obama and People of Faith for Obama are just some of the many communities large and small supporting Barack Obama.

to the Betty Brigade. We send Obama/Biden signs and buttons to swing states. Read about Betty Brigades.


One Response to Resources

  1. MamaCAS says:

    I’ve been on the Obama bandwagon since the beginning, and signed up for his site immediately, making several small donations. If I didn’t have a 24/7 job, I’d be volunteering but I just don’t have the time. Thank you for all you are doing!

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