Obama Activities & Campaign Memorabilia:

Obama & Biden Official Site:

  • Barack Obama & Joe Biden website
  • Obama speeches
  • The Blueprint for Change: Obama’s Plan for America
  • Meet Barack
    A brief video about Barack’s early years, education, work as a community organizer and civil rights attorney, and his years in the Illinois and U.S. Senate. A great introduction.
  • Official Campaign Blog
    The latest news, photos, and videos from the campaign trail. Share your thoughts on the official campaign blog
  • What About the Issues?
    Learn more about Barack’s positions on issues from his opposition to the Iraq war to his plan for universal health care
  • FACTCHECK Action Center
    Barack Obama stands for a new kind of politics – without the smear tactics that we’re all fed up with. Tell people about Barack and his background. The truth is only as strong as your voice
  • Videos
    Watch some of the 500 videos from the campaign trail
  • Obama Mobile
    Text HOPE to 62262 (OBAMA) to receive text updates on your mobile phone and advance notice about local Obama events


Sarah Palin:

Science and Environment:

Democratic Party Websites:

Polls & Maps:

Daily Election News:

Opinion Pieces

Facebook Groups

to the Betty Brigade. We send Obama/Biden signs and buttons to swing states. Read about Betty Brigades.


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