Donna Brazile on Obama

October 14, 2008

“I won’t go to the back of the bus” – Donna Brazile
video clip (4:30 mins)

“We have come so far in this country….We have seen so much progress….This is a more tolerant, more open, more progressive society and yet we are having this conversation because Obama is bi-racial….My black skin does not make me inferior. And might I add, being a female does not make me dumb…..But at a time when we are in crisis, I want the best, I want the brightest, I want somebody to take me where we have never been as a country. We’ve been too stuck in the past, that’s why we can’t go forward. Let the next 31 days be about ideas, be about inspiration, and about strength of character. Let it be about something that brings us together and does not tear us apart….and don’t let no one take us back. We are going forward. And come with us.”