Sample Betty Brigade “get involved” Letter

September 27, 2008

Here’s a sample email letter that you can send out to your friends and colleagues that links to this blog, Betty Brigade news and donation information. Thank you!

Hi everyone. A group of us were sitting here in a very blue part of a really blue state feeling, actually, pretty blue about how little we could do to impact this election besides write checks.

Although it has been great to be virtually ad free, there is a feeling of dislocation–not really knowing what is going on. We’re tired of seeing the ongoing circulations emails trashing McCain or Palin, which don’t do anything proactive to help Obama/Biden win on November 4th.

After much discussion with other friends, we came up with a couple of ideas. The first is a website with links to everything from voter registration to the presidential candidate’s views on science and the environment, to how to volunteer to work in Nevada (a swing state), to fundraisers. And because it’s a blog, you can leave comments and tell us about more links to other critical information:

You can access this site at or just Please forward this to anyone and everyone you think will be interested.

But best of all we’ve created something very concrete that you can help with: The Betty Brigades. Our good friend Betty, whom we’ve known for many years, lives in Ohio–a state that could well decide this election. It turns out that for whatever reason, Obama yard signs, buttons and bumper stickers are difficult to come by in Ohio, so we bought yard signs in CA and sent them to Betty.

Well, they were snapped up like hot cakes. Now Betty has contacted friends in other parts of the state and they would like yard signs as well. And another friend in St Louis has also asked for signs. We have committed to an initial package of 150 signs, and at $6 per sign, that is $900 which will be shipped overnight using technology from Spotsee, learn more on this page. That is just to get us started–so of course we need money.

There are three important things you can do to support The Betty Brigades:
1. Help fund this project–donate on the Betty Brigade site
2. Start other Betty Brigades and post the information on our website

3. Forward information about the website and Brigades to your friends and family

Of course, if you have other links or sites that are useful, please sent me the info and we will add it to the links and resources pages. Please feel free to comment on the site as well. If you’d like to write full blog posts, email me and I will make you an official poster.

And, if you know other Betties in the other swing states, we will be happy to support them as well. Just let us know.

We have 5+ weeks to impact this election and we really do believe that you and I can make a difference. Let’s go out and do it!