Betty Brigades



The Betty Brigade is named after one of our favorite people, Betty, who lives in Ohio – the state that could once again decide an election.

As it happens, Obama signs and buttons are hard to come by, so we sent out a shipment and Betty has been distributing them. Betty thinks she can find other democrats in other areas that would distribute signs and buttons if we can get them to her/them.

Interested in supporting the Betty Brigade? Help us buy and send the materials.


Betty with an Obama

Page Contents:

Letters from Betty

Some letters from Betty in Ohio …
September 24, 2008

Dear Friends,
First I’m honored to have a Brigade. We are excited here in Ohio for your support.
I have put out feelers to get an address from the Dayton area and from southern OH by the Ohio River which are both more red than blue, I believe, but I have a lead on strong Democrats there. Also right here I have made 4 phone calls and I have a request for 100 Obama (& Biden with him if possible) yard signs for my area.

However, I need to know how far you want to go or rather how far perhaps your money will go. I don’t want to get over zealous here and put a burden on you in CA.
The Obama/Biden office nearest us and also I have a report another office near by, too, don’t have any “materials”, so we need yard signs, buttons, bumper stickers and whatever else you can think off. T shirts have been suggested, too, but that would be pricey. There is an Obama/Biden kiosk in the mall nearest me and they just have some sort of literature I understand, but nothing for outside “advertising”. I’ll personally try to check out the mall today.
Yes, we are quite blue around here, so if I can get things to redder Dayton area and Ohio River area that would be exciting. I have another call to make today to see if I can get more leaders names in the red area of Ohio. Now, slow me down if you want!
Love to all my friends in CA.,

Brigade Betty

September 25, 2008
Dear Friends in California,
I hope you are doing well with your Brigades!
As to us here my contacts have been very excited about getting materials from California and really are very appreciative. Here is what seems needed at this time – 100 yard signs for Berea (a town of about 20,000) and 40 yard signs for around me here (area of about 10,000). Each community has been having volunteers doing canvassing from door to door and doing phone banks. The phone bank in my town is in a doctor’s office. I’m going to guess if available about 25 or so bumper stickers and buttons each at this point.
I went to the Mall yesterday to see the Obama booth. The sign said “Ask me about Barack Obama”, but there wasn’t anyone there. There were T shirts hanging around, but they had to be ordered on line and there wasn’t much literature. The young people running the Obama offices here are having a hard time keeping up with demand, so it is up to us out here in the communities to keep things going, I believe.
I saw the white signs I got from you out in yards yesterday and they look good and show up since they are white and bigger than the “official” Obama signs which are blue and so are McCain signs blue.
Thanks again and let me know when you have sent the new signs, so I can watch for them.
Brigade Betty

September 29 2008
Dear Brigade Friends in CA,
Today I followed up on a call to my lead to get Obama signs to “southern” red Ohio. The “southern” Ohio couple who would be the contact from here have been out of town and therefore unreachable for a week, but they should be back “in place” now. Hopefully I’ll have an answer soon with an address(es) to get Obama/Biden materials to “southern” Ohio. Or perhaps they already have enough materials to let people know in that part of the state that Obama has to win the presidency!!!!!!!!!!!
Looking forward to the arrival of the 150 Obama signs you have already sent. It’ll be a biggggggggg package, but I’ll handle it! These signs will go to the volunteers in the three communities around here for distribution.
I’m mulling over in my mind who I’ll have be our contact(s) here in Ohio when I leave for CA next week to be with all of you.
Go, Go, Go for Obama to CA from Brigade Betty in OH

Brigade Betty

Thank You, Betty

Some thank yous from Ohio for the first set of signs sent …


Thank you very much for the lawn sign. Betty dropped it off tonight, and I put it out as soon as I got home. It’s also the best looking and constructed such sign I’ve ever seen, and I’ve had a number of them over the years. I really appreciate your generosity. We definitely need them here in Ohio. Again, thanks very much.

Just a quick note, to says thanks for taking the time and going to the expense of sending the signs to Betty to distribute to some of us here in Ohio who are VERY concerned about this election.
I personally appreciate it, plan to have it on my lawn this very day, and want to say a hearty “thanks!” We are praying for the change many of us know we need…

We are church friends of Betty and are happy recipients of 3 of the Obama signs and 2 buttons. I have begun our door to door canvassing here in Olmsted Falls and didn’t have any buttons to wear! We thank you very much for going to the trouble and expense of sending these items! The sign was put up the next morning after your Mom brought it and the other 2 will be finding their homes soon in our neighborhood.
The Oh newspaper poll that came out today says that McCain is leading Obama 48% to 42% !! I just can’t believe it! Of the 5 quadrants they have Ohio divided into Obama is only leading in NE Ohio! He has got to win!
Thank you again and good luck to you in California!

Thanks for the Obama signs/pins. Our sign is PROUDLY posted in our yard for all to see.

A big “thank you” to you and your friends for your work on the Obama campaign. I know the signs will help tell Ohio who needs to be elected.

Thank you soooooo much for caring enough to send the signs and buttons. Everyone here is working extremely hard to have Ohio go blue for this election. I’ve passed on my Fall trip to be with my son, daughter-in-law and 4 grandkids. It was a very difficult decision. However, it will be worth every minute if Barack gets to the White House. Just the thought of a different outcome for this election is not an option.

Letter from Missouri…

I’m super psyched about the signs!

I want one in my yard for sure and several of my neighbors have asked and a couple of folks on the swim team….and a couple of my friends sprinkled around the city. Let’s start with 50 and if I move those quickly then we can always ship the others out here…Several of my friends tried to get signs the other day and couldn’t so these will be most welcome! Any bumper stickers or buttons would also be a treat!

You know, the buzz is spreading quickly and I honestly think that Missouri will be a critical cog in the puzzle come election day. After the week we’ve had with the economy, I think people are ready for a change.

Thanks for lining them up! I haven’t been this excited about an election in quite awhile…it will definitely change the course of history!

and one story …
Betty delivered a sign to our friend Emily who very shortly went out to set it up in her yard.

As she was doing so a neighbor, not one she knew well, came over and asked, “Oh my gosh, where’d you get that sign?” When Emily replied a friend in California had sent it her neighbor said, “Oh, I wish I had a friend like that in California.” So Emily handed over her sign and called Betty for a new one!

You GO Ohioans, back home, you go!!


Many thanks for “Audacity [of Hope – a book]” – both your generosity and timing are greatly appreciated. Not only is the election finally upon us, but today some huge gray clouds are roiling our way, turning a sunny Sunday morning into the
definitely darker, windier, colder and wetter weather of winter.

With Obama so far ahead, we are allowing ourselves the risk of thinking he’s
going to win. The repercussions will be staggering and almost beyond all we could wish for. Even in Ohio, he might win – but he doesn’t have to. What a beautiful thought.

Again, thank you for all your political efforts, both way over there and right
here in town. Driving around, we see many “California” Obama yard signs.
We enjoy telling our friends the story of how they got to be here!

Victory is at hand!

The Obama Barn – some other good stuff happening in Ohio, independent of us although they are friends of friends! (see link for a photo)

Barn painting highlights Obama’s rural efforts

The Obama Barn - Lima, Ohio

The Obama Barn - Lima, Ohio

The Lima News: Don Dix, husband of Kris Krendl, holds a poster of what the Obama presidential campaign logo will look like on the side of the family barn in Spencerville. The Krendl barn is the second in Ohio to be painted for the Barns for Obama effort.

By HEATHER RUTZ 419-993-2094
SPENCERVILLE — It’s farmers’ luck that we haven’t seen a drop of rain in weeks, and the night some celebrated a barn painting with a picnic and needed it dry, rain threatened.
The weather held up and Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama supporters took it Thursday as a sign of things to come for their candidate. In the tradition of barn painting for artistic and commercial purposes, members of the Krendl family put a giant Obama campaign logo on the barn at the property on St. Marys Road, north of state Route 81.
The group celebrated the barn painting with a picnic and appearance by Larry Walsh, a farmer who formerly served with Obama in the Illinois Senate and is now campaigning for his friend in rural areas and farming communities.
Kris Krendl spent the better part of her Thursday filling in the stencil of the red, white and blue circular logo that can now be seen well above the corn and beans taking a hit from the dry weather. Krendl’s grandfather bought the property and her father built the barn with wood he cut on the 120 acres the family still owns and now leases.
“We’re just like any other farm family in Allen County,” Krendl said recently at the opening of the Lima Obama headquarters. “Except that we’re Democrats.”
It’s a big difference, so much so that Democrats have traditionally ceded rural voters to Republicans, largely because of social and cultural issues.
Obama’s message is an economic one; Walsh touts Obama’s support of ethanol and biodiesel along with support of infrastructure needs such as water, wastewater, roads and bridges.
“Agriculture is the No. 1 industry of many states and Sen. Obama understands that ripple effect,” Walsh said. “He understands that as ag succeeds and is profitable that spins off and those dollars multiply and the community becomes profitable. He also knows he doesn’t have all the answers. He comes with questions.”
The Obama campaign created a barn-painting program to highlight his support for rural communities and family farms, said Doug O’Brien, Obama’s Ohio rural vote director. The Spencerville barn is the second in the state to adorn Obama’s campaign logo; the first was in Trumbull County.
Obama has shown that when he has time to organize, such as in Iowa, he can win over rural voters, O’Brien said.
“Iowa looks just like this,” O’Brien said, pointing to the fields of corn and beans. Some remain more than skeptical. During the picnic a driver flew by and stuck his head out his window to yell, “Obama is a communist!”
Still, voters such as Carl Turnwald, 62, of Ottoville, believe Democrats need to keep at it with rural and farming voters.
“People in communities like this have been left out the past eight years. Middle-class people have lost,” Turnwald said. “They need to do more events like this.”
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One Response to Betty Brigades

  1. Abby says:

    This site is just great, and Betty booper looks super-de-dooper. I have gotten lots of horn from passers by and my sign has been stolen once! But another quickly replaced it and the neigbors are now on the lookout. Here in Berea talk is mixed on the election outcome. I quickly remind folks how important it is for our country to be healed financially, attention given to health prevention and even racially. Obama is the one to do it. As a woman it saddens me that there are so many other smart and qualifed women who might have made a decent VP pick for McCain, I hope the Tina Fey parody is helping our side.
    March on Betty Brigaders…

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