JOIN Women Supporters of Obama/Biden

Subject: Join the list of women publicly endorsing Obama & Biden

Next week the Obama campaign would like to roll out lists of hundreds of thousands of American women – homemakers, teachers/educators, nurses, businesswomen (non-profit and profit), community organizers, medical professionals, et al – who are willing to publicly endorse Senators Obama and Biden as the next Democratic President and Vice President of the United States.

This list, which will be made available to the media on request, will illustrate the breadth and depth of support for these candidates among American women across the country.

Please note: The email listed below does not seem to be working. This appears to be a valid email–perhaps they’re just overwhelmed with responses. We are investigating this and will revise this post as soon as we have an update.

In the meantime, you can go to for info on other women-related initiatives. Stay tuned.

Please send an e-mail – NOW – to Katheryn Rosen ( with:

  • your name,
  • your profession,
  • your city and state

THEN , reach out to at least *ten (10)* other women in your network by forwarding this message, ASAP.

NOTE: Women who are affiliated with organizations that may not be appropriate for endorsement, can endorse on a personal basis rather than an affiliated basis.


5 Responses to JOIN Women Supporters of Obama/Biden

  1. Mary says:

    I’ve tried several times to send an email to , but only get error messages saying user unknown. Do you have another email address?

  2. annette hess says:

    Please add me to the Obama Supporter list:

    Annette Hess LCSW
    San Francisco, California

  3. Elizabeth says:

    The above address, Katheryn Rosen (, is undeliverable, returned to me, as “550 5.1.1 User unknown” Is this list for real?

  4. M.Jacqueline Tarnow, MSN, MSH, Trauma/Loss Consultant Supervisor says:

    I support Senator Obama for president of the United States.

    I am a retired Master’s prepared nurse and a certified Trauma & Loss Consultant Supervisor. I see our middle class shrinking and our children, America’s hope, suffering from lack of health and mental health care as well of the comprehensive education we no longer offer to any but privileged and/or private school systems.

    There can be no leaning in school without the basics of health and safety. Our schools started removing from children’s access as early as the 1970’s those things that are basic to children’s self healing and learning: music, art, play, drama, sports… even the libraries in the schools and the neighborhoods in Detroit have disappeared for most of the public school population.

    Jobs have steadily disappeared and our prisons are overcrowded as families are fractured and jobs with living wages and benefits disappear from our midst. In their place the prison industry fills the vacuum.

    Senator Obama offers us hope in addressing these problems.

    Health and mental health care available to everyone is imperative for education and skilled, dedicated workers. I believe Senator Obama will work to obtain these for all citizens.

    Education is imperative for current and new generations, as well as new immigrants, to design and build and operate the new “green” industries that will reduce global warming.

    Health, Education, & Jobs can help re-unite families fractured by illness, lost jobs and lives un-necessarily given as lost to the prison industry.

    Our country needs healing on so very many levels. I believe Senator Obama can start and nurture such healing. He has proven himself especially in the past couple of days. He has not sunk to the personal assaults and distractions thrust upon us by the McCain Palen campaign.

    Senator Obama demonstrates that he keeps his mind and heart focused and working on central issues needed to heal our wars and to return our country to a productive, generous and respected nation.

    I am proud to lend my personal endorsement to support Senator Obama for President of the United States.


    Jackie Tarnow

  5. Patricia A. Corcoran says:

    I support Barack Obama for President of the United States of America. I am a retired secretary. Senator Obama has demonstrated his ability to bring people together not to further divide our country. This is the most important election in the history of our country. I proudly support Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joe Biden.

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