November 5, 2008

Tonight’s results were wonderful–not just a win, but a solid mandate. More than that, the excitement and engagement of people all over the country about this election was tangible: people spending hours in line to vote, political discussions, celebrations with family and friends.

We did it. We made a difference.

Tomorrow is the first day of the new America.

Dear Friends,

Have you noticed the sun is shining brighter this morning? And the air is just that much easier to get into our lungs. After these long dark years, America has done it. We have sent a message to the world – enough of us really do, finally, get it. This country really can do great things, huge things, phenomenal things, audacious unbelievably wonderful things. Americans can hold our heads high, finally, again. We have our first truly global president. We have just made the world a better place. Even with all this work to do, it’s already better this morning.

I was getting our daughter ready for school this morning and reminded my husband we still needed to make a lunch for her. He answered, “What, can’t she eat hope?”

And just take note … swing states to whom we sent signs and/or buttons:

  • Ohio
  • Florida
  • Virgina
  • Missouri

And compare, swing states that have gone blue …

  • Ohio
  • Florida
  • Virginia
  • Missouri remains too close to call, with 49.3% for Obama and 49.5% for McCain. Squeaker!

So – yes we can, yes we did – we joined hands with our friends in those states, and together with hundreds and thousands of others, we got this thing done.

We are going to have a beautiful and REAL family inhabiting the White House. A married couple who really love and respect each other and let that all show. Two beautiful little girls whose parents care for them more than anything. A role model family for us, our country, our world, front and center. Wow.


We Need Your Help: We Want to Make a Difference

September 23, 2008

November 3rd update:

Get the latest election day results here: Polls & Maps:

November 2nd update:

Alaska Women Make Obama Logo
“Alaskans Chill Out” as seen on Rachel Maddow

November 1st update:

Seniors for Obama

October 30th update:

82-year-old Helen Philpot is posting 1 post a day for the final 7 days before the election. If you are undecided, please read her blog posted today. If you are Undecided, You’re Not Paying Attention.

October 28th update:

Come to Colorado for Obama

Campaigning in a swing state is the adventure of a lifetime. Barack needs you in Colorado for 2 or 4 days from 11/1 – 11/4. Catch a plane or drive! Barack needs you! Your country needs you! Learn more and sign up for Colorado.

Or Come to Las Vegas!. Learn more at
Drive for Change to Nevada.

Travel for Change Blog Entry: What It’s Like To get a taste of what it’s like to travel for change, read Wade Sanders’ post in the “Sunnyvale for Obama” blog, here:
Campaigning in Reno blog entry.

October 13th update:

It ain’t over, till it’s over…

The news looks good. As of today, Obama has a 10 point lead over McCain in most of the major national polls.

But, as the joke goes, we haven’t heard the fat lady sing.

Each day we hear more and more nasty, low and obnoxious attacks from the desperate McCain-Palin camp. Their focus is on innuendo and creating FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt), and in that area, my friends, they are by far way ahead.

We are continuing to provide support wherever we can. We’ve shipped signs to OH, MO and VA, and we’re hoping to help our friends in FL and NC soon. We won’t give up until the polls close on November 4th and we know that we’ve made a difference.

Please continue to support us. Monetary donations are welcome, as are people on the ground in swing states who can join the cause. We’ll continue to post links to resources, the latest poll numbers and other relevant information.

Let’s keep up the fight–you are the difference.

October 6th update:

The response to the Betty Brigades has been incredible!

Not only do we have people mobilized in Ohio, but in Missouri, too, and we have requests coming in from Florida and Virginia, as well.

We’d love to help and we are committed to keep helping, but all of these materials cost money. If you support our cause and could help us with a donation, we would be much obliged. 100% of your donation goes towards buying (and shipping) Obama/Biden signs and buttons for swing states.

We’re not asking for a lot of money. If you can donate $50, that would be great. A donation of $100 would be wonderful, but even $25 would be helpful (Considering what Congress just approved to bail out Wall Street, that’s an incredibly tiny amount and we promise not a penny will go to anyone in any way connected to the subprime mortgage mess).

Our thanks.

Your Make a Difference Team

We Want to Make a Difference

Who are we and why are we here?

We are a group of men and women who want our voices to be heard in this presidential election.

We are frustrated by much of the misinformation and spin that’s being put forward by and for the Republican candidates.

We believe that women vote with their heads and their hearts for the best candidate regardless of gender or race, and we believe that in this election that is Obama and Biden.

Many of us live in blue states. We no longer want to talk to ourselves. We want to do more than just read and forward postings and email about what’s wrong with McCain and Palin. We’re frustrated and we want to do something about it.

We want to help the people who are campaigning on the ground in the states that are still up for grabs. We know there are people out there who need resources, ideas, and money and that’s where we can find a way to make a difference.

Looking around us, we have a lot of creative firepower to harness. We have access to smart, creative and internet savvy people who want to make a difference. We’ve created this site to bring together the people who want to help with those who need it. We will provide information and links on voter registration sites, voter drives, fundraisers, phonebanks, useful articles, and more.

We are the future and we are here to make a difference. Join us.

Michelle Obama on Leno

October 29, 2008

Michelle Obama on The Tonight Show.

I shop at J. Crew, Buy Online. View video of interview.

How far we’ve come…

October 29, 2008

Heard on NPR this evening:

“Rosa sat, so Martin could walk. Martin walked, so Obama could run. Obama ran, so our children can fly.

One week from tonight…we will make the differenc

Dear Red States

October 28, 2008

Dear Red States:

We’ve decided we’re leaving. We intend to form our own country, and we’re taking the other Blue States with us. In case you aren’t aware, that includes California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and all the Northeast. It may even include Florida and Ohio, they are seriously considering it. We’ve given them until Nov. 4th to decide. We believe this split will be beneficial to the nation, and especially to the people of the new country. Since we’re dropping the middle states we’re calling it United America, or simply the U.A.

To sum up briefly: You get Texas, Oklahoma and all the slave states.

We get stem cell research and the best beaches. We get the Statue of Liberty. You get Dollywood. You can take Ted Nugent. We’re keeping Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel. You get WorldCom and Enron. We get Intel and Microsoft. You get Ole’ Miss. We get Harvard and 85 percent of America ‘s venture capital and entrepreneurs. You get Alabama.

We get two-thirds of the tax revenue, you get to try to make the red states pay their fair share.

Since our aggregate divorce rate is 22 percent lower than the Christian Coalition’s, we get a bunch of happy families. You get a bunch of single moms, and the highest concentration of pregnant unwed teenagers. Please be aware that the U.A. will be pro-choice and anti-war, and we’re going to want all our citizens back from Iraq at once.

If you need people to fight, ask your evangelicals. They have kids they’re apparently willing to send to their deaths for no purpose, and they don’t care if you don’t show pictures of their children’s caskets coming home. We do wish you success in Iraq, and hope that the WMDs turn up, really we do, but we’re not willing to spend our resources in Bush’s Quagmire. We’d rather spend it on taking care of sick people, and educating our children.

With the Blue States in hand, we will have firm control of 80 percent of the country’s fresh water, more than 90 percent of the pineapple and lettuce, 92 percent of the nation’s fresh fruit, 95 percent of America’s quality wines, 90 percent of all cheese, 90 percent of the high tech industry, most of the U.S. low-sulfur coal, all living redwoods, sequoias and condors, all the Ivy and Seven Sister schools plus Stanford, Cal Tech and MIT.

With the Red States, on the other hand, you will have to cope with 88 percent of all obese Americans (and their projected HRC health care costs), 92 percent of all U.S. mosquitoes, most of the right-wing fringe types that believe the earth is only 6000 years old, nearly 100 percent of the tornadoes, 90 percent of the hurricanes, 99 percent of all Southern Baptists, virtually 100 percent of all televangelists, Rush Limbaugh, Bob Jones University, Clemson and the University of Georgia.

We get Hollywood and Yosemite, thank you.

Additionally, 38 percent of those in the Red states believe Jonah was actually swallowed by a whale, 62 percent believe life is sacred unless we’re discussing the war, the death penalty or gun laws, 44 percent say that evolution is only a theory, 53 percent that Saddam was involved in 9/11 and 61 percent of you crazy Redies believe you are people with higher morals then we Bluies.

Finally, we’re taking the good pot, too. You can have that dirt weed they grow in Mexico.

Peace out,
Blue States

Come to Colorado!

October 28, 2008


Campaigning in a swing state is the adventure of a lifetime. Barack needs hundreds of Northern Californians in Colorado for 2 or 4 days from 11/1 – 11/4. Catch a plane or drive 18 hours east. Barack needs you! Your country needs you!

Go to my.barackobama.com/page/s/oosco to learn more and sign up.

Or Come to Vegas!

If you absolutely cannot get to Colorado, go to Las Vegas! Visit Drive for Change to Nevada.

Travel for Change Blog Entry: What It’s Like

To get a taste of what it’s like to travel for change, read Wade Sanders’ post in the “Sunnyvale for Obama” blog, here:
Campaigning in Reno blog entry.

Silicon Valley for Obama

October 27, 2008

Watch this video!

Silicon Valley for Obama – October 25, 2008 from David Martin on Vimeo.

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Obama’s “Defining Moment”

October 26, 2008

See also: Photos of “Obama Draws More than 100,000 at Denver Rally (October 26, 2008)